ALD Automotive as an employer:
Active, close and strong.

ALD Automotive consists of a large international team and yet locally we are seen as a small family. We see ourselves as a global mobility provider and are genuinely an active, approachable and strong partner both when working with our customers and when it comes to working with each other. Commitment, an innovative spirit and years of expertise give us the perfect torque for a successful future – but we can only achieve this ambitious claim with the best employees.

As a modern employer, we know how important a good organisational climate, flexibility and opportunities for individuals to develop are, which is why our staff profit from the following benefits:

  Open corporate culture
Innovation is the key to success! To break new ground, we are always ready to listen to the ideas of our employees and we offer them the opportunity to play an active role in shaping our future.
  Security of an international corporation
Sustainable growth is especially valuable in today’s fast-moving world. We offer the security and financial stability of a strong corporation!
To give our employees more freedom and flexibility, we offer them the opportunity to set their start and finish times within our flexitime framework. 
  Food allowance
A healthy lunch keeps concentration levels high and puts people in a good mood. For this reason, we support our staff with daily food allowance.
  Energy kick
If energy levels drop in the afternoon, our staff can quickly recharge their batteries thanks to the coffee discounts given to them.
  Staff events
We are team players – which is why ALD Automotive regularly holds events where everyone attends and we celebrate our successes together.
  Good transport links
Our headquarter is ideally situated for travelling to and from it by public transport.
  Home Office
After consultation with your supervisor, you can also from from home on certain days.
Our employees can look forward to benefitting from many discounts.
Knowledge is power, and for this reason, promoting our employees is extremely important to us. In addition to seminars and good internal opportunities to climb the ladder, careers are furthered via an international talent management programme.