Optimal consulting.
Featuring detailed fleet analyses for a customised fleet concept.

ALD Automotive is a brand-independent supplier that puts your needs centre stage. We start by analysing your requirements in detail before informing you of the various options for your fleet. In all cases, ALD Automotive allows enough time for this.

The fleet analysis comprises:

  • Analysis of process costs: Specialists from ALD Automotive analyse the process costs associated with your internal fleet handling before recommending specific actions aimed at optimising those costs.
  • Fleet analysis/TCO analysis: The purpose, utilisation rate, level of motorisation and fittings of existing vehicles in your fleet are analysed and assessed.
  • Car policy advice: We scrutinise your existing car policy and, if required, your present arrangement is revised on the basis of well-founded TCO analyses.
  • Deferred compensation models: Should you be thinking of introducing a deferred compensation model, ALD has a wealth of expertise to offer.


Do you want your fleet to be profitable and at the same time improve your company’s life-cycle assessment? We can help with smart planning and overall solutions for the successful integration of e-mobility in your fleet!

  • Analysis of the usage criteria and potential
  • TCO comparison of different drive models with ALD Optifleet
  • Advice on the latest requirements
  • Information and advice on charging infrastructure
  • Choice of models based on economic and ecological aspects 

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